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Vol. 14, No. 24 — December 19, 2012
A simple resolution to reduce pollution

This is the time of year when people make New Year's resolutions. The top three are exercise more, eat less, and spend more time with family and friends. For most, this means making sustained efforts over a long period of time to achieve success.

There is one other resolution we want you to make that will result in cleaner and safer air and water, and less global warming pollution, for you, your friends, and your family: We want you to switch your power supply from dirty energy to Pennsylvania-made clean renewable power for your home or business.

Nearly every Pennsylvanian can do this. And your action will pay off not just for you, but for families throughout the state and beyond. When it comes to the environment, it's all about energy. Changing the kind of energy you use (and cutting energy waste) is the single most important action any family or business can take to clean up the environment.

Most electricity in Pennsylvania is made by burning coal or natural gas, which are fossil fuels. Mining and burning coal creates massive amounts of heat-trapping gases; destroys our air with fine and deadly soot and smog; poisons our water with acid mine drainage and toxic mercury; and makes our fish deadly to eat. Natural gas is cleaner than coal, but it still has the potential for impacting the environment and public health if not done correctly. There are still many concerns in Pennsylvania including disposal of flowback and production fluids, impacts on sensitive streams from crossings and sedimentation, forest fragmentation, and the creation of residual waste landfills on well pad sites across Pennsylvania just above drinking water supplies and without any long-term monitoring.

Nuclear power is the next largest source of energy in Pennsylvania, which carries with it the still to be resolved problem of long-term nuclear waste disposal.

Renewable energy is different. Electricity made from the wind, sun, and water creates no air and water pollution, no global warming pollution, and has no fuel costs. These renewable energy sources also make our energy grid safer, and lower the costs of electric for everyone by reducing the need for costly peak power. Local farmers benefit from lease payments for housing wind turbines, and local government benefits from taxes paid by owners of the windmills.

Here in Pennsylvania, renewable energy is not just changing how we use energy, it is building a green economy with great jobs, and adding life to old industries. The typical wind turbine, like those made in Pennsylvania, includes 250 tons of steel, three tons of copper for the generator and power cables, 250 yards of concrete for anchoring, titanium components for the rotator hubs, gears and gear boxes, bearings, and many more components. And it's not just wind; Pennsylvania workers also make glass and other parts for solar panels. Thanks to renewable energy, there are new jobs for solar installers, engineers, electricians, and many more.

Since PennFuture began in 1999, we have promoted public policies and funding to help all Pennsylvanians change their energy use, and cut pollution. During that entire time, we have worked side-by-side with Community Energy, a supplier of renewable energy in Pennsylvania, to build the renewable energy market. Despite massive subsidies to dirtier power, PennFuture and Community Energy have been able to build wind, solar, and water power across the state.

Now it's up to you. You can be part of our team by choosing homegrown renewable energy from Community Energy. Starting in the Duquesne Light territory in the Pittsburgh area, PennFuture supporters who switch their power to 100 percent clean energy offered by Community Energy will also be helping PennFuture — allowing us to expand our advocacy and serve as your watchdog over Pennsylvania's environment and economy. Just sign up to switch to clean energy using the link below, and Community Energy will make a donation to PennFuture! Now that is a win-win situation!

So please consider making one simple resolution for 2013 — switch to 100 percent Pennsylvania-made renewable energy, and get cleaner air and water, cut global warming, and support Pennsylvania jobs. Your children — and their children — will honor you for it. Happy New Year from PennFuture.


To switch to 100 percent Pennsylvania-made clean energy, go to or call 877-321-0476 toll-free.

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