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    Image of a melting globe A PennFuture event you don't want to miss ... 
    Our annual climate conference in Northeastern Pennsylvania
    Among our list of expert speakers are a world champion extreme skier and a Climate Change Communicator of the Year award nominee.

    Join us this Sunday from noon to 4 p.m. Find out more and register now!

    The good news
    London 2012 Olympics’ sustainable features
    A report says the Games are on target to cut 100,000 tons of carbon emissions in materials and construction. This is the equivalent of taking 65,000 cars off the road for 12 months. Organizers say they are on track to deliver the world's first "truly sustainable" Olympic Games, which will open at the end of July 2012.

    Empire State Building turns to 100 percent green power
    The Empire State Building, the focus of the largest green retrofit project in the U.S., achieved another sustainability first: It has become biggest commercial purchaser of green power in New York City. The owners signed a two-year contract with Green Mountain Energy for wind-power renewable energy certificates. The purchase will cover 100 percent of the electricity used in the 2.85-million-square-foot building -- about 55 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy annually -- which will avoid almost 100 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

    Consumer electronics industry sets billion-pound e-cycling challenge
    One billion pounds of obsolete electronics, if not properly recycled, would fill enough 50-foot tractor trailers to stretch 475 miles or completely fill a 71,000-seat football stadium. Today consumer electronics industry leaders kicked off the first nationwide electronics recycling initiative, with the goal of recycling a billion pounds of electronics annually by 2016.

    Some other news
    New research on G-20 clean energy investments
    In this interview, Phyllis Cuttino, director of the Pew Clean Energy Group, discusses new research that focuses on private clean energy investments in 20 of the world's major economies. Leading the pack is China, followed by Germany and the United States. Cuttino discusses what is contributing to the United States' decline in investments and explains how policies in other countries have helped boost their clean energy profiles.

    Nation’s largest environmental charity bike ride in May
    Climate Ride, a May 13 - 17 bicycle ride from New York City to Washington, D.C. is known as the ‘green conference on wheels.’ Participants will pedal 60 - 70 miles each day and attend speaking events each evening. The event will feature Bill McKibben, Bracken Hendricks, Eugene Linden- and others. Climate Ride plans to raise money for eight organizations: Green America,, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, Climate Counts, 1% For the Planet, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, Washington Area Bicyclist Association--and Transportation Alternatives.

    Fun stuff
    EARTH: The Operators Manual
    Join geologist and Penn State University professor Richard Alley as he travels across the US and around the world to share an accurate, understandable and upbeat report on stories of humans and fossil fuels, Earth's climate history and our future energy options.

  • From PBS
  • PennFuture Events
    Don't miss the 2011 PennFuture Global Warming Conference
    How global warming will wreck recreation -- as well as our jobs, economy and the environment
    Our current use and misuse of energy – and the kinds of energy we use – is causing changes that neither nature nor the economy can withstand. Understanding the problem is the first step toward fixing it. Join us in the Pocono Mountains to hear from experts who will separate fact from fiction and offer personal and political steps you can take to prevent climate change from raging unchecked. Jay Gulledge, one of our speakers, was recently nominated for the Climate Change Communicator of the Year award; for more information, visit the nominating organization's website.

    Other events 
    Arbor Day in Scranton
    A Look at Scranton’s Urban Forests: Measuring Value, Function and Ecological Services

    • Steamtown National Park, Scranton
    • Friday, April 29, noon - 1:00 p.m.
    • Register at 570-825-1701

    Pittsburgh hosts United Nations World Environment Day
    Pittsburgh World Environment Day Partnership encourages you to celebrate World Environment Day (WED) 2011 from Earth Day on April 22 through World Environment Day on June 5 with programs and activities.  .


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