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    The good news 
    U.S. revokes approval of potent car coolant
    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has revoked approval of a type of hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) in new automobile air-conditioning systems. Three environmental organizations had filed a petition to remove the use of this HFC in U.S.-made autos and replace it with less climate-damaging alternatives. The petition was part of a worldwide campaign to eliminate HFCs, which are powerful greenhouse gases that have long atmospheric lifetimes. The phase-out schedule for this HFC will be announced by the EPA.

    Developing countries' plans to go green
    Mongolia wants to provide its nomadic herders with portable wind turbines. The Central African Republic is planning reforestation efforts that will cover one-quarter of its landscape. Ethiopia detailed 75 different projects to reduce global warming and promote renewable energy. These are some of the dozens of projects proposed by the United Nations' Green Climate Fund, which is a commitment by wealthy economies to fund $100 billion towards climate change efforts by poorer nations.

    Beauty in the Scottish Highlands
    The remote Scottish Highlands is famous for stunning lakes, glens and mountains. But it has also been harnessing its abundant water for more than 60 years to provide renewable energy. This photo essay shows how replacing fossil fuel-based power with clean energy can help preserve the planet's beautiful spaces.

    Some other news
    Food scarcity a factor in civic unrest
    One of the factors that led to recent civil uprisings in the Middle East was skyrocketing food prices, according to this perspective. The extreme weather that affected food prices in Tunisia and Egypt shows how future climate change and its effect on agriculture will have ripple effects on geopolitics.

    Windy trip across the Australian Outback
    It's called the Wind Explorer. On its first trip, this prototype lightweight vehicle with an electric motor and sails traveled 5,000 kilometers (approx. 3,100 miles) across the Australian Outback on just $15 worth of electricity.

    Fun stuff
    Energy education for kids
    Meet Roofus, the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) friendly animated dog who teaches kids about saving energy in their homes. Visit Roofus and friends for word games, energy tips and making a pizza box solar "oven."

    Celebrate Earth Day
    Earth Day 2011 will be on Friday, April 22. Find a fun event near you, plant a native tree, take the bus to work -- see what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. 

  • Visit Earth Day Network.
  • Take a quiz with a footprint calculator.
  • Find more Earth Day resources on the EPA website.
  • PennFuture Events
    2011 PennFuture Global Warming Conferences
    Clean energy for a cool Pittsburgh
    Pittsburgh's potential to lead and create a stronger clean energy economy can play a big part in combatting global warming pollution and creating more green jobs. Join us at this conference to learn how you can switch to green energy and also learn how policies in the region, state and nation can make a huge impact.

    How global warming will wreck recreation -- as well as our jobs, economy and the environment
    Our current use and misuse of energy – and the kind of energy we use – is causing changes that neither nature nor the economy can withstand. We expect to lose our cold water fisheries, much of our plant life and agriculture. Winter sports havens like ski resorts will teeter between snow feast and famine. We will lose much-loved vacation and recreation sites, jobs -- and the economy Pennsylvania's nature sustains. Understanding the problem is the first step toward fixing it. This workshop will feature experts who will separate fact from fiction and offer personal and political steps you can take to prevent climate change from raging unchecked.

    Other events 
    Climate lecture
    Principles, Impacts, and Choices: lecture by Frederick Moolten, M.D., Senior Climate Fellow with PennFuture

    Run for the earth
    Celebrate Earth Day, do a 5K run and find out how to get free race registration by switching to wind power.

    Free films in NE PA
    "Who Killed the Electric Car?"

    • Covington Township (near Scranton), Lackawanna College Environmental Institute
    • Wednesday, March 30, 6:30 p.m.
    • Preregister: 570-842-1506

    "carbo2n nation"

    • Wilkes-Barre, Wilkes University, Stark Learning Center 166
    • Tuesday, April 12, 8:30 p.m.
    • Information: 570-408-4615 or

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