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    Click this logo to visit the Cool Pennsylvania page on the PennFuture website.The good news 
    Designing a clean energy standard to win the clean energy race
    In his State of the Union address, President Obama set a goal for 80 percent of our electricity to be derived from cleaner energy sources by 2035. In this paper from Climate Progress, it is suggested that within that goal, there is an internal "35 by '35" goal to be met by truly renewable clean and renewable energy and energy efficiency.

    Past Antartic cooling may help global warming study
    New studies of Antartica may help climate scientists better understand current climate changes. Sea temperatures off the Antarctic Peninsula have shown to be cooling over the past 12,000 years. Because of current climate changes, that cooling is now being offset; U.N. climate experts in 2007 predicted that seas might rise 7 to 24 inches this century.

    Lighting retrofit good for Pennsylvania company
    Simona USA, a thermoplastics manufacturer and producer, noticed a significant improvement in lighting costs after a series of retrofits at their plant in Hazleton Township, PA. The lighting upgrades reduced costs by 60 percent and means that the company will cut carbon dioxide emissions by 902,000 pounds annually, an amount approximately equivalent to taking 62 cars off the road. 

    Wind turbine maintenance a growth industry
    Predictions for the status of the global wind power industry look very optimistic in coming years. The operations and maintenance (O & M)  market will hit $10.6 billion by 2016, with North America and Asia Pacific getting more involved in the market during that time.

    Some other news
    From climate scientists, with warning
    The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives might want to mark January 28 as a green letter day. On that day, some of the nation’s leading climate scientists sent a letter to the two chambers to urge action to address global climate change this term. The assemblage of National Academy of Science and various universities asks Congress to hold hearings on how to address climate issues, rather than dispute proven science.

    Twelve new dartboard covers - or- The dirty coal, energy, politics dozen
    If you have ever wondered who in power does the most to stymie the battle against global warming, this article from Rolling Stone conveniently lists the worst of the bunch. The list ranges from Gregory Boyce, CEO of Peabody Energy to Tom Donahue, President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, from climate-denying authors to those who criminalize climate scientists. In the effort to combat climate change, it’s always good to know the face of the enemy.

    Going "all the way" with renewable energy
    What would it take to completely change how we use energy and make it 100 percent green? This is the question that two researchers, a transportation expert and an atmospheric scientist, set out to answer. Omitting biomass as a viable fuel source, they came to the conclusion that a building spree, a reliable wind system, hydroelectric dams,  and a big boost for solar could completely change our energy system by 2030.

    Fun stuff
    How it all ends
    The maker of this climate change video gives a new meaning to playing the devil’s advocate. He battles common climate skeptic arguments with methods used in scientific reasoning and risk assessment, all while showing an impressive talent for creating different kind of explosions.

    See trees - not your phone bill - grow for a change
    PlantMyPhone, a program partnered with the Billion Tree Campaign, has a great phone plan. By sending them your old cell phone, they will not only recycle it, but use the proceeds of the recycled materials to plant trees. Use their free shipping labels or mailing envelopes to send in an old phone and find out how many trees your phone can plant.

    Looking for love this Valentine's Day?
    Even polluter lobbyists need companionship. This Valentine’s Day, they can find the politician of their dreams on Polluter Harmony, graciously provided by Greenpeace. Suggest and vote on who you think is the cutest couple!

    PennFuture Events
    Easy Ways to Green Power: A Guide to Purchasing Green Electricity
    In this hour-long webinar, PennFuture covers the basics of shopping for green electricity. Reserve you seat in this informative presentation where you will learn not only about shopping aroun for te best electricity to buy, but how some can also clean up our air, water, and land.Tuesday, February 8 and Wednesday, February 9

    How global warming will wreck recreation: 2011 Northeast Pennsylvania global warming conference
    Our current use and misuse of energy – and the kind of energy we use – are causing changes that neither nature nor the economy can withstand. We expect to lose our cold water fisheries, much of our plant life and agriculture. Winter sports havens like ski resorts will teeter between snow feast and famine. We will lose much-loved vacation and recreation sites, jobs, and the economy Pennsylvania’s nature sustains.

    Understanding the problem is the first step toward fixing it. This workshop will provide experts who will detail the issue by separating fact from fiction, and offer personal and political steps you can take to prevent climate change from raging unchecked.

    Other Events

    Energy Audits: The Savin' of the Green
    Learn how a professional energy audit can help you save the planet and save a buck.  Technical diagnostic tools, building science, and your mother’s advice – “Close the door, put on your sweater, and turn off the light.”  can make your home safer and healthier, more comfortable, durable and energy efficient.

    • Tuesday, March 1, 2011, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
    • Wildwood Park's Olewine Nature Center, 100 Wildwood Way, Harrisburg
    • More information

    ACI Pennsylvania Home Energy Conference
    This two-day conference will focus on the education and training of those involved in home energy. Energy auditors, remodelers, and green builders, among others, about green energy.

    • Tuesday March 8 and Wednesday March 9
    • Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel, 215 Innovation Blvd., State College
    • Register here


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